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  • July Business Spotlight: Korave

    July Business Spotlight: Korave

    Shortly after beginning a new adventure in the Fishers Test Kitchen, entrepreneurial chefs and brothers John and Kim were forced to halt operations of their Korean BBQ food concept, Korave, […]

  • February Business Spotlight: Qualifi

    February Business Spotlight: Qualifi

    After gaining firsthand experience in the challenges of recruiting and hiring qualified workers,  now CEO and Co-Founder of Qualifi, Darrian Mikell recognized an opportunity to streamline the process. “Qualifi was […]

  • Business Spotlight: First Internet Bank

    Business Spotlight: First Internet Bank

    When computer guy David Becker, Founder, President, and CEO of First Internet Bank had the idea for a “branchless bank” that lived entirely online, he knew it would game changer […]

  • Business Spotlight: Perceive

    Business Spotlight: Perceive

    Across all industries, big data is of increasing significance in improving company performance and efficiency. In the retail industry, big data is particularly impactful in providing insight to customer behaviors […]

  • Business Spotlight: Anvl

    Business Spotlight: Anvl

    Making the Workplace Safer with Data From predicting consumer behavior to identifying trends in workforce productivity, companies are increasingly turning to data, to improve and streamline their workplace functions. Perpetuating […]